K-Box V8 AMG 4.0 BiTurbo

The M176 (G500), M177 (AMG C63 and C63s) and M178 (AMG GT, GTS and GTR) twin turbo engines produces between 422 to 585 HP and 600 to 700 NM (442-516 lb-ft), dependent upon the chassis the motor is installed in. While a full KLEEMANN software tuning generates greater power and gives the additional options of raising the V-max and programming for exhaust system with cat free or race cats, some customers have requested a simple “plug and play” solution. The solution needs to leave no evidence of its installation, and the installation needs to be easy and quick.

KLEEMANN has answered this request with the V8 twin turbo K-Box kit. Utilizing proprietary electronic circuitry, the K-Box’s elevates the power output of the 4,0 liter turbo engine by up to +90-100 HP and +110-140 Nm (81-103 lb-ft). Installation is straight forward, requires only a few simple tools and takes about 60 minutes. User adjustable power trim settings allow the individual to tailor power outputs to their personal tastes. No permanent modifications are required for installation, switching back to OE is traceless and straight forward.

The KLEEMANN K-box kit is 2nd to none vs. software programming, the added power comes instantly, smooth and equally all over the power band.

The W205 C63 will require a painful 6 hours (approximate) to remove and reinstall the cars ECU for software programming.  If a factory service flash of the ECU is performed, it will take the same removal and install work each time the ECU needs to be reprogrammed. The KLEEMANN K-box works regardless of service flashes and is a one time cost.