What good is power if it cannot be put to the ground? Mercedes-Benz manages wheel slippage the Electronic Stability Program(ESP) system. The ESP system will initially apply brake pressure to the spinning wheel to divert power to the opposite drive wheel. If that strategy fails to mitigate wheel slippage, the ECU closes the throttle to further limit wheel spin, far from maximum performance! The ESP system of controlling wheel spin can be seen as a passive (after the fact) solution.

The Kleemann Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is a torque sensing mechanism. Progressive transfer of power between drive wheels, but never “locking”, it distributes power seamlessly and instantaneously between both wheels. The driver is never caught off guard by the sudden transfer of power to the opposite wheel. There are no clutches to wear out, and maintenance is as a simple as changing the oil at regular intervals. The Kleemann LSD will provide motive force to both wheels, prevent individual wheel spin and will reduce power interruption from the ESP system. This strategy allows for consistent power delivery to the drive wheels for maximum performance.

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