K-Box 180/200/250 CGI (M271 EVO)

  • 1.8 Turbo
  • 180
  • 200
  • 250 CGI

The EVO version of the M271 engine is a very efficient turbocharged and direct injected unit, powering mid range models such as C and E and SLK cars. All 3 versions/sizes of this new engine are 1.8 litre, but have individual factory ECU programming for different power. 180: 156 hp 200: 184 hp 250: 204 hp Our K-Box (CGI) is designed for an overall performance gain, and it’s a very efficient tuning product which is simple and easy to install. If you want there very best from your 180/200/250 CGI car, we recommend adding our front exhaust system as well as a performance air filter, which gives you the best performance available for these engines.

K-Box M271 EVO

K-BOX M271 EVO Installation Manual

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