Mobil Scan Adaptor Android

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MobilScan consists of an application for your Android (phone or tablet) or iPhone (iPad, iPod), and an OBD Bluetooth (Android) or WiFi (iPhone) adapter.

MobilScan gives you accessibility to all data supported by the so-called OBD standard, which means that you can now read fault codes, sensor values ​​and more directly from the car’s engine.

MobilScan receives and displays current measurements from a wide range of engine sensors such as oxygen sensors, air mass meter and temperature sensors. MobilScan compares the measurements with reference values ​​and can therefore be used to identify faulty and obsolete components.

MobilScan show any error codes and ‘freeze-frame’ (snapshot on error) and can of course delete these. In MobilScan all text in Danish incl. text description of the over 9000 error codes that MobilScan supports.